Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Diving Bell Rings Loudly

Behenji is very introspective today. Just finished the slender memoir by Jean-Dominique Bauby called 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.' A movie by the same name is garnering rave reviews and awards too. Bohemian Bhai, Behenji's beloved younger brother, called from Manhattan to say that, 'If there is a movie that everyone should watch, this is it.' Sadly, the nearest theater showing it is more than 30 miles away and Behenji being the impatient soul that she is,  got into her car and drove to the nearest bookstore . And now Behenji is silenced forever as far as excuses go about not having written/finished writing her book. Bauby wrote each word painstakingly by blinking his left eyelid as the rest of his body lay hard and cold, the result of a debilitating stroke. Bauby's memoir honors life in all its irony and grace.  He juxtaposes bits of memory of his past life with his present, resulting in a self-composed elegy of sorts, that is in turns cocky, funny, touching and inspirational. The reader can almost touch the diving bell that Bauby likens his body to and yet there is an ephemeral quality to his words too. 

Behenji doesn't know what else to say except give your loved ones more hugs, practice good karma, savor truffles and catch more sunsets near the water. 

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