Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Brings Flowers, Perhaps Showers

After a long, long time, Behenji has woken up to a quiet Saturday morning, where the kids are curled up under their quilts and Panditji is snoring with his mouth wide open. Behenji is sipping a cup of ginger tea and planning out her Saturday literature and language class. Each week Behenji has the task of teaching and challenging eager 8th and 9th graders literature while solidifying their grammar and critical thinking skills. Behenji stumbled upon a beautifully written short-short by who else but Alice Walker called 'The flowers.' The story is so short that Behenji could post it here, but, alas, my pets, did someone say copyright laws?

Behenji had a few revelations after reading The Flowers:

1. There is so much out there waiting for Behenji and others to read and explore.
2. Alice Walker is a brilliant writer and is underrated (despite the fame of The Color Purple!)
3. The flowers is one of the best short stories Behenji has come across.

In a few small paragraphs, Walker is able to capture that precise moment when childhood innocence ends. Layered between simple prose are slices of history, symbolism and angst. Behenji would give up her Barsaati to write like that!

So how does the story end? In one swift sentence: And the summer was over.

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on Life and Literature said...

Like we discussed, I'm not too taken with pastoral elements and the obvious symbolism they usually point to. Never the less it is strong for being a short short. Have you read 'The Story of an Hour' by Kate Chopin? Another short short that pithily delivers a world of wisdom.